The Micro-commission Project

Wanted, dead or alive: One minute (60") pieces—Tiny reward!

To composers of any age in any place, reNEW Music invites you to submit one (1) score for our first micro-commissioning project. Instrumentation is limited to the abilities of the board members of reNEW who are currently sheltering-in-place:

solo violin

solo cello

solo horn

solo trombone

trombone and soprano

2 violins

1 violin & 1 viola

horn & violin

Compositions must be no longer than one minute (1'). Selected compositions will be awarded: (a) $10 (WOW!) (b) a certification (PDF) of our esteem and appreciation (c) performance on an upcoming broadcast of our YouTube channel.

Format: PDF and MP3 are best, MIDI realizations are fine. If your piece contains text/lyrics, please make sure that you have permission to use them or that they are in Public Domain. Submissions should be emailed to

All participants will be recognized on our website and Facebook pages as contributing composers of reNEW Music.

We are professional players in Reno NV who are passionate about the living arts. We know this is a tiny amount of money, and even a small piece is worth much more than this. However, we want to reach out and connect with the larger community and we don't want the award to be nothing.

All submissions will be carefully considered, and we hope to reach people from all over the US and world beyond. Be well, keep making music and please follow our page for more news!


Paul Fleming, Kevin Miescke, Jason Fromme, Eileen Brownell, Monica Houghton, Rose Sciaroni, Lucie Zalesakova

Board of Directors

reNEW Music