Upcoming concerts and events


December | Online

Tune into our social media and YouTube channels as we release many of the newly-commissioned pieces reNEW brought to life throughout 2022!

Selzler Jazz Trio

March 2023 TBD | University of Nevada, Reno

reNEW Music's educational workshop, welcoming novice composers of all age to learn music-writing skills. Helmed by master composer Dr. Jean-Paul Perrotte, Associate Professor of Composition at UNR, and including some of the most sought-after New Music educators and ensembles acting as guest artists and clinicians.

reNEW Ensemble

June 9, 2023 | The Alpine, Reno

reNEW's largest and most ambitious project - featuring new works for large chamber ensemble by Mark Lenz, April Guthrie, Timo Andres, and more.

Composers' Workshop

June 15-17, 2023 | University of Nevada, Reno

reNEW Music's educational workshop, welcoming novice composers of all age to learn music-writing skills. Helmed by master composer Dr. Jean-Paul Perrotte, Associate Professor of Composition at UNR, and including some of the most sought-after New Music educators and ensembles acting as guest artists and clinicians.

Olga Flora in Concert

July 3, 2023 | First United Methodist Church, Reno

A fundraiser co-presented with our friends at Renown, featuring a newly commissioned work by Jean-Paul Perrotte, and many other mind-blowing pieces for voice, piano, and other friends.

reNEW Sculpture Garden

July 6, 2023 | River School Farm, Reno

The third annual performance of this innovative and beautiful event which combines our local scenery with newly-written pieces. Featuring newly-commissioned works by local artists in a completely unique setting.

reNEW Jazz Ensemble

July 20, 2023 | Cypress, Reno

The Miles Davis "Birth of the Cool" 9-piece ensemble, with newly-written pieces by some of the most sought-after jazz composers and artists in the area.

Past concerts and events

reNEW String Quartet

October 20 @ 7 | Stremmel Gallery

October 21 @ 7 | The Lilley at University of Nevada, Reno

^NOVAK, Paul: a string quartet is like a flock of birds

*LEFONTANT, Maxwell: Variations for String Quartet after Phyllis Shafer

BERNOFSKY, Lauren: Anacostia Journal

SHAW, Caroline: Valencia

Reno Modern Brass

Thursday, August 25 | CRAFT Wine and Beer, 22 Martin St, Reno

7:00. Donations accepted

Hosted by Tahoe Chamber Music Society, and underwritten by McDonald Carano. Funding of world premieres provided by City of Reno and National Endowment fo rthe Arts. New works by Larry Engstrom and Timothy Gay, and including many other pieces written by local composers specifically for this dynamic group.

Musical Sculpture Garden

Wednesday, July 27 | River School Farm, 7777 White Fir St, Reno, NV 89523

Guests walk at their own pace around the beautiful River School Farm, nestled next to the Truckee River, listening to pieces written specifically for this event. Audience members will have ample opportunities to engage in curious conversation with performers and composers, celebrating our wonderful creative community.

Featuring new works by Bijou Bell, Larry Enstrom, Kelly Dugger, Nur Slim, Jean-Paul Perrotte, and Jonathan Sokol. Performed by Bijou Bell, Jef Derderian, Eileen Brownell, Rose Sciaroni, Jennifer Day, and Emily Barnes.

Beyond the Cool: Music of Miles Davis and more!

July 20, 7pm | Cypress | Midtown District | 761 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89501

Featuring the entire Miles Davis Birth of the Cool album, plus selections by composer Paul Johnston, composed for the original 9-piece instrumentation of Davis's album.

Tristan Selzler Improvisation Workshop

June 25, 2021 | Potentialist Workshop

Reno-area jazz legend Tristan Selzler hosts an educational workshop on improvisation. NOT a workshop designed to train musicians to read changes or play a jazz solo, but improvisation in its most basic sense. Specifically designed for musicians who are knowledgeable in playing their instruments but interested in learning more about using improvisation as a method of communication, this workshop will develop a new appreciation for making music with others.

Musical Sculpture Garden

June 22, 2021 | May Arboretum, Rancho San Rafael

Visit the arboretum for a guided tour of new, live works by our outstanding musicians, composed by local composers specifically for this space and this event.

reNEW String Quartet

September 9, 2021 | Craft Wine and Spirits

September 12, 2021 | Learning Center at Western Nevada College

SHAW, Caroline: Plan & Elevation

BERNOFSKY, Lauren: Anacostia Journal

HOUGHTON, Monica: String Quartet No. 3^

FROMME, Jason: Partita for Strings*^

Lucie Zalesakova and Rose Sciaroni, Violin

Dustin Budish, viola

Eileen Brownell, Cello

July's Month of New Music

July 2021

reNEW released an audio/video recording of a new piece EVERY DAY throughout the month of July, featuring new or previously unperformed works by composers from both Reno and around the globe. Check out our YouTube channel for all the new videos released during this exciting month.

We are happy to announce our at-large selections for inclusion in our Month of New Music project for July, 2021! Here they are, in no particular order:

Chihchun Chi-sun Lee Rights, Fairness, Equality vs Suppression for trombone

Ross Whitaker Ground for cello

Gaston Gosselin In the moment for clarinet

Ashley Floyd Stick for violin

Jeremiah Evans A little shimmy for oboe

Brittney Benton Forgotten for piano

Wolfgang Ordoñez Solo corno for horn

Joseph David Spence Deathstick for clarinet

Sebastian Birch Canto Notturno for oboe

Jeff Manookian Amoroso for violin

Gerson de Sousa Batista My Bipolar Disorder for piano

William Jae Raindroplets for oboe

Reno Modern Brass

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 | Craft Wine and Spirits

MUHLY, Nico: Saro

^NOVAK, Paul: Je suis plus prés de toi dans l'obscurité...

CLAUSEN, Andy: Robert Henry

GUTHRIE, April: The Whitney Reno Cure

VAN ZANDT LANE, Peter: Fugue State

ARUTIUNIAN, Alexander: Armenian Scenes

Josh Reed and Cassidy Robinson, Trumpets

Kevin Miescke, Horn

Paul Fleming, Trombone

Eric Rogers, Bass Trombone

reNEW's Musical Sculpture Garden

Thursday, June 10, 2021 | Wilbur D. May Arboretum, Rancho San Rafael

reNEW Music has connected eight of the most talented musicians in the Reno area with eight locally-connected composers to create brand-new, short pieces specifically for this event, which will be performed, at a safe and responsible distance, throughout the May Arboretum. As an interactive project, audience members will not only have the opportunity to hear the pieces, but will also be encouraged to speak with the performers and composers about their instrument, the collaborative process, and any other question that comes to mind.

New Works by: Mica Redden, Monica Houghton, Paul Novak, Tristan Selzler, Charles Taggert, Harry Gilbert, Jean-Paul Perrotte, and Brandon Sherman.

Performed by: Eileen Brownell, Jeff DePaoli, Jason Fromme, Lucie Zalesakova, Rose Sciaroni, Kevin Miescke, Aaron Hill, and Paul Fleming.

2020 Micro-Commissioning Series

July 2020

reNEW placed an open call for new works, to be performed and recorded by the members of reNEW Music. Of the roughly 100 works we received from all over the world, we selected our favorite ten. Please visit our YouTube playlist to hear all the selected composers/pieces!

Winning composers and pieces

  • Jeff Manookian - Vision Fugitive for solo violin

  • Kent Philip Baker - The Bearer of Evil Tidings for solo horn

  • Eddie Bean - Petition for solo cello

  • Dario Argentesi - Captain Violin's Arrival, Sword Fight & Goodbye for solo violin

  • Neo Korths - The blackbird in the forest for violin and horn

  • Moritz Laßmann - Epigram for solo cello

  • David Jason Snow - A bisl shnaps far di fidler

  • Monica Houghton - Yellow grass for solo violin

  • Jean-Pierre Vial - Rêverie for solo horn

  • John Secunde - A window for solo cello

  • Zach Gulaboff Davis - Whirlwind for solo violin

  • Giliad Cohen - La Petit Amaleque for two violins

Reno Composers Workshop


This 6-month workshop provided the skills needed to start composing. Featuring educational seminars, one-on-one coaching sessions, and play-through sessions in which professional musicians collaboratively workshopped composers' pieces in real time, reNEW helped in the creation of half a dozen pieces by developing composers.

Reno Modern Brass

November 3, 2019

*GUTHRIE, April: The Whitney Reno Cure

*^SELZLER, Tristan: Mass in F

TOWER, Joan: Copperwave

GLASS, Philip: Brass Sextet

Jef Derderian and Brandon Sherman, Trumpet

Kevin Miescke, Horn

Paul Fleming, Trombone

Andrew Williams, Bass Trombone

with special guest Kris Enstrom, horn

For more information, please visit renomodernbrass.com

works marked with an asterisk (*) indicate world premiere

works marked with a caret (^) indicate Reno-area local composer.