Commissioned Works

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*ENGSTROM, Larry: Quintet for Brass (2022)

*GAY, Timothy: Emotional Rollercoaster (2022)

*GUTHRIE, April: The Whitney Reno Cure (2019)

HUTCHINSON, Scott/*FLEMING, Paul: Snake (2019)

ROWAN, Andrew: 3 Contrasts (2019)

*SELZLER, Tristan: Manzanita Suite (2019)

*SELZLER, Tristan: Mass in F (2019)

*SHERMAN, Brandon: Many Colors of Views (2018)

*SHERMAN, Brandon: Start Stopping (2019)

SINGLEY, Robert: Ouroboros (2019)


*FROMME, Jason: Partita for Strings (2021)

LAFONTANT, Maxwell: Variations for String Quartet After Phyllis Shafer (2022)


*SOKOL, Jonathan: Piece for Distanced Ensemble (2022) - violin, cello, harp, clarinet, trumpet, vibraphone


ARGENTESI, Dario: Captain Violin's Arrival, Sword Fight & Goodbye (2020) - violin

BAKER, Kent Philip: The Bearer of Evil Tidings (2020)

BATISTA, Gerson de Sousa: My Bipolar Disorder (2021)

BEAN, Eddie: Petition (2019)

*BELL, Bijou: This Home Is Small (2022) - vibraphone

BENTON, Brittney: Forgotten  (2021)

BIRCH, Sebastian: Canto Notturno (2021)

CHIHCHUN, Chi-sun Lee: Rights, Fairness, Equality vs Suppression (2021) - trombone

COHEN, Giliad: La Petit Amaleque for two violins (2020) - 2 violins

*CONRAD, Andrew: Rancho San Rafael (2021) - cello

DAVIS, Zach Gulaboff: Whirlwind (2019)

*DERDERIAN, Jef: A Past Life  (2021)

*DUGGER, Kelly: Short Piece for Clarinet (2022) - clarinet

*ENGSTROM, Larry: Dancer (2022) - trumpet and cello

EVANS, Jeremiah: A Little Shimmy (2021)

FLOYD, Ashley: Stick  (2021)

*FROMME, Jason: Burleske (2021)

*FROMME, Jason: La Mahonesa (2021) 

*GILBERT, Harry: Bouree Variee  (2021)

*GILBERT, Harry: Saudade do JSB  (2021)

GOSSELIN, Gaston: In the Moment (2021)

HEIN, Douglas: Hoage a Machaut (2021)

*HOUGHTON, Monica: Celebration (Abstraction) (2021) - horn

*HOUGHTON, Monica: For the Lost Ones and Those Who Tried to Save Them  (2021) - trombone

*HOUGHTON, Monica: Motet Mashup (2021) - two violins

HOUGHTON, Monica: Yellow grass (2020)

JAE, William: Raindroplets (2021)

KORTHS, Neo: The blackbird in the forest for violin and horn (2020) - violin and horn

LAßMANN, Moritz: Epigram (2020)

*MALINAS, Alex: for Melanie  (2021)

MANOOKIAN, Jeff: Amoroso for solo violin (2021) - violin

MANOOKIAN, Jeff: Vision Fugitive (2020)

*NOVAK, Paul: stuck inside? (2021) 

ORDONEZ, Wolfgang: Solo Corno (2021) - horn

OSBORNE, Samantha: Reverie  (2021)

*PERROTTE, Jean-Paul: Etude des Oiseaux (2021) - cello

*PERROTTE, Jean-Paul: On a Stroll By the River School Farm (2022) - harp

REDDEN, Mica: Walking Meditation  (2021) - horn

SECUNDE, John: A Window (2020)

*SELZLER, Tristan: Transformation in the Time of COVID  (2021) - oboe -or- oboe and piano

*SHERMAN, Brandon: …yet everything is accomplished (2021) - trombone

SLIM, Nur: Pulgas, Pulgas (2022) - violin and cello

SNOW, Davis Jason: A bisl shnaps far di fidler (2020)

SPENCE, Joseph David: Deathstick (2021)

VIAL, Jean-Pierre: Rêverie

WHITAKER, Ross: Ground  (2021)

*ZALESAKOVA, Lucie: Straka  (2021)